About Us

Santaram Spinners Limited is the flagship company of the renowned P.Jayantilal Group – pioneer traders in the business of cotton and blended yarns. Set up in 1983 Santaram Spinners Limited is engaged in the entire garment of the cotton textiles specifically cotton ginning and cotton seed oil manufacturing

The expertise and approach gained have given Santaram an insight into “Quality at all stages”.

The promoters’ intimate association with the textile industry and close contact with customers for more than 6 decads has been the driving forcebli to its process overs such a by period.

Over the years Santaram has been achieving a steady and well-balanced growth. Today it’s a 100 crore turnover company with an enterprising overseas network encompassing over several countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa.



"P.Jayantilal", 259, Third Floor ,New Cloth Market , Outside Raipur Gate, Ahmedabad - 2, Gujarat (India)